Cleaning Policy

“STAY SAFE” Precautions Adopted for safety and cleanliness in our Apartments.

The staff in charge of the room cleaning and renovation service are equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the proper performance of the work entrusted to them:

  • Disposable gloves for each cleaning cycle.
  • Protective mask.
  • Hair cap.
  • Exchange shoes.

Operational procedures for carrying out the service in the apartment.

  • The apartment will be ventilated by opening the windows, before undertaking the subsequent cleaning operations.
  • For cleaning use the MEDICAL PRODUCTS based on alcohol and SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, for all surfaces in the apartment.
  • The cleaning material (cloths, wipes and what is necessary for cleaning and dusting) is disposable or PREVIOUSLY TREATED with a solution of SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE.
  • During the cleaning process we DO NOT use a used cloth to remove dirt to dry or polish clean surfaces.
  • CLEANING CONCERNS ALL SURFACES that have come into contact with the previous guest, including each bedroom, headboards, wardrobes, drawers, living room, corridor, bathrooms, kitchen, fridge (externally and internally) and any balconies.
  • Including all the smallest important details such as: AC and TV remote controls, door handles, furniture, wardrobes, windows, push-button panels.
  • Showers, toilets, washbasins, soap dispensers, gel dispensers are disinfected with specific products.
  • The floors are cleaned and sanitized with products suitable for the different types of material.
  • Used linen and towels are ALWAYS SEPARATED from clean linen and towels and never come into contact with each other.
  • The linen and towels are supplied by a PROFESSIONAL LAUNDRY that CERTIFIES STERILIZATION OF FABRICS, washing and ironing at HIGH TEMPERATURES.

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