Shopping in Rome convenient and with style: Roman Markets

Convenient shopping in Rome: if you are looking for advice on where to go for a walk in shops, you are reading the right article. Or almost…

In fact, we will not list the best Roman shopping streets, nor the most exclusive boutiques in the capital. We will rather talk about places under the open sky and immersed in the sparkling Roman atmosphere / the blue vault that characterizes the summer days of Rome. Of places to really get in touch with the truer local population, as opposed to the usual shop of the well-known world fashion franchise. In one word: the market, where business is always around the corner. From fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to typical local products, to vintage markets. And even if you don’t find the latest fashion blouse or trousers that you look with envy at passersby on the street, you will have discovered another soul of the city, also saving your wallet.

Shopping in Rome : tips for the sweet tooth

Let’s start with tips for gourmets, those who when they go to visit a new city the only shopping they offer is that of typical local products. Because after all, to get in touch with a new place there is no better thing than to approach its food and wine tradition.
Rome like many other cities is full of local markets, but among these there are some that stand out for tradition and variety.

Mercato di San Cosimato

If you are looking for typical local products in the Trastevere district, the San Cosimato market is for you. Located in the square of the same name, a few steps from our Cosimato apartment, it is open every day from 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, with Sunday closing.

Vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat and fish: this market has a rich and varied offer. But the most beautiful thing is its incredibly authentic atmosphere. Do you think that many of today’s sellers inherited their counter from the first workers of the market born in 1913. For this reason, the market is assiduously frequented by the local population even for just a walk.

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Roman Market

Among the oldest fish stalls, you will find that of Menelik, a market vendor since 1920. Among the meat, on the other hand, you can greet Mauro from his stall of steaks, chicken, quail, eggs, meatballs and much more.

Mercato Testaccio

This market is located in one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city, precisely in Via Galvani in Testaccio a few meters from our unique “testaccino” Vespucci apartment.
The peculiarity of this market is that it represents a beautiful example of urban redevelopment. From the closed market, a reference point for local inhabitants, the Testaccio Market has changed a lot, becoming in 2012 a gastronomic center recognized and frequented by the inhabitants of the whole city and beyond.

The structure has been completely modernized by the architect Marco Rietti who wanted to give a contemporary and minimal design while maintaining the typical architectural structure of the Roman markets. The result is a closed but at the same time bright market, where the white of the architecture is enriched by the varied colors of the goods.
What will you find at the Testaccio Market? 100 stands selling excellent typical raw materials, street food, clothing, accessories, footwear and much more.

Shopping in Rome: now tips for a vintage lovers

You will have understood by now that our idea of shopping is a bit out of the box. Here then is an indispensable market, especially for lovers of unconventional fashion.

Porta Portese

Absolutely the Roman market par excellence, Porta Portese every Sunday morning welcomes lovers of antiques, vintage and all sorts of collectibles. But also tourists and the curious who just want to take a walk among the stalls and enjoy the magical experience of the famous Roman market.
The market develops from the Portuensi walls up to Largo Troja and Piazza Ippolito Nievo, just 10 minutes walk from our Ripa apartment.

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Ripa, Trastevere

Walking through the dense streets of counters and goods of all types and colors you can breathe the typical atmosphere of the truest Rome. And, in fact, you will happen to hear the local dialect speak not only from the vendors but also from the most avid locals present from the early hours of the morning to grab the best goods. That’s right, the best shopping in Porta Portese is done early in the morning starting at 6 in the morning. So, get ready to get up very early.

At the Porta Portese market you will find all kinds of goods: jewelry, clothing, books, antiques, artistic works, home furnishings, street food. But the real specialty of the offer is vintage, from used clothes to sunglasses, bags and many accessories from the best fashions of past years.

Convenient shopping in Rome: which is your favorite?

These were the recommendations of RTH for an afternoon of shopping in Rome convenient and alternative to the usual. Whether you are a gourmet or a vintage lover, we are sure that these three markets will not disappoint you.


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