Sustainable holidays in Rome: eco-friendly apartments in the heart of the eternal city

Welcome to Rome, the eternal city where thousand-year history blends harmoniously with a modern and sustainable footprint. In the Rome Trastevere Home apartments we are committed to offering not only a memorable stay but also an experience that respects the environment and promotes sustainability. In this article, we will explore our initiatives to reduce environmental impact and offer our guests an eco-friendly travel option.

Drinking water and plastic reduction

One of the most precious resources in Rome is the drinking water that flows from public fountains throughout the city. We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic by encouraging our guests to refill their reusable bottles instead of purchasing new ones. In this way, we not only reduce plastic waste, but also promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable spending: local markets

The Rome Trastevere Home apartments are close to some of the capital’s local markets that we recommend to our guests, promoting sustainable spending. Just a short walk from the apartment you can buy fruit, vegetables and other produce in bulk at the markets rather than opting for plastic-packaged items. As well as reducing packaging waste, the fresh, local produce offered at the markets adds a touch of authenticity and quality to our guests’ cuisine.

Eco-organic products

We take care of our guests by offering a selection of eco-organic products for personal care and household cleaning. From Greenatural household detergents, free of harmful chemicals and with a refillable pack to reduce plastic consumption, to Herbalogica shampoos and shower gels, free of parabens and other harmful substances. We are committed to providing products that are kind to both the environment and the body.

Organic coffee and compostable capsules

For coffee lovers, we offer a selection of organic capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Our Bio Organic blend is obtained from organic coffee grown without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a smooth and balanced taste that respects the environment and natural habitat. Our capsules are compostable, helping to further reduce the environmental impact of our services.

Our vacation rentals in Rome not only offer a comfortable and memorable stay, but are also committed to promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. With initiatives such as the use of free drinking water, the promotion of sustainable spending, the offer of eco-bio products and compostable capsules, we are committed to making your trip to Rome not only unforgettable, but also eco-friendly. Choose sustainability and enjoy a stay with a green conscience in the heart of the eternal city.


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