What to see in Rome: the body of water at the Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla, one of the most extraordinary archaeological treasures of Rome, are enriched with a new wonder: the Water Mirror. Here’s what to see in Rome on your next visit. This incredible installation marks an epochal moment in the recovery and valorization of this ancient spa complex.

The Mirror of Water: here’s what to see in Rome

The idea of bringing water back to the center of the Baths of Caracalla was born from Mirella Serlorenzi, director of the site, who promoted an ambitious renovation project under the guidance of the Special Superintendence of Rome, led by Daniela Porro. The Water Mirror, conceived by architect Hannes Peer in collaboration with Paolo Bornello, stands out as an imposing structure that integrates perfectly with the ancient ruins, offering a suggestive representation of space as it must have been in antiquity.

With its imposing dimensions, 42 x 32 meters, and its rectangular shape, the Mirror recalls the original Natatio. The black cladding of the tub aims to enhance and frame the majestic remains of the Baths.

The Water Mirror is an interactive and multifunctional space that invites visitors to become protagonists of their experience. This show offers a unique backdrop for theater shows, dance performances, concerts and conferences.

The inauguration of the Specchio d’Acqua was celebrated with an extraordinary event, the performance of Aterballetto on Rhapsody in blue, choreographed by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich. This production, the result of the collaboration between the Special Superintendency of Rome, Electa and the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto, represents a tribute to the city of Rome and a unique opportunity for visitors to the Spa to live an unprecedented cultural experience.

The magic of the Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla are not only a place of extraordinary beauty: they are also witnesses of over 1800 years of history. Built at the behest of Emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century AD, they were among the grandest and most sumptuous baths of ancient Rome. Thanks to impressive archaeological excavations, it was possible to reconstruct their original structure. The Baths were thus returned to the public offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and magnificence of the Roman Empire.

The Baths of Caracalla represent one of the most iconic and fascinating monuments of ancient Rome: undoubtedly at the top of the list of things to see in Rome.

Built between 212 and 216 AD. at the behest of Emperor Caracalla they constituted a monument of unprecedented grandeur and luxury. The Baths are located in the heart of the city, near the Circus Maximus and the Via Appia. Furthermore, they were fed by a specially built aqueduct which ensured a constant flow of water for the baths and fountains. The structure of the Baths was imposing, a vast rectangular complex surrounded by porticoes and exedras, with a series of thermal environments that included:

  • the natatio (the large swimming pool)
  • the frigidarium (the cold bath)
  • the tepidarium (the warm bath)
  • the calidarium (the hot bath)

What to see in Rome: the Baths of Caracalla

But the Baths of Caracalla were also a social and cultural center, where the inhabitants of Rome could socialize, exercise and participate in theatrical performances and athletics competitions.

The basement of the baths housed a vast network of services and systems for the functioning of the structures, including ovens for heating the water and pipes for its transport.

In the Renaissance, interest in Roman antiquity brought these hidden wonders to light, and since then the Baths have been the subject of continuous archaeological excavations and restorations. Every summer, the ancient ruins are transformed into an open-air stage for concerts and theater performances, offering a unique experience to visitors.

With its mix of history, art and entertainment, the Baths of Caracalla are an unmissable stop for anyone visiting Rome. And from this year the Water Mirror will add further magic to the splendor of this archaeological site.

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Today, the Baths of Caracalla continue to be a living and pulsating place where art and culture blend into an unforgettable experience.

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