Wine in Rome : 5 addresses for wine lovers

Wine in Rome: today we want to give you some suggestions on the best places to visit in Trastevere. To taste an excellent glass of wine, delight yourself with food and wine pairings or simply enjoy the typical atmosphere of an old shop: here’s where to go in the Trastevere district.

Wine in Rome: where to have aperitivo

There is nothing better than a glass of wine in good company. And if we also add a tasty combination, pleasure is guaranteed.
Between traditional and contemporary aperitifs, Trastevere is a neighborhood full of proposals for all tastes. We have chosen three: the historic Enoteca Ferrara and the more contemporary Enoteca Trastevere and Tastevere KmZero.

Enoteca Ferrara

The first wine shop we recommend is the Enoteca Ferrara is located in the beautiful Piazza Trilussa, near to our apartment Paglia.

The restaurant is one of the most important landmarks in the Roman wine scene, boasting 30 years of experience and a cellar that contains many prestigious Italian labels. The family run is by the two sisters, Lina and Mary, and offers different types of experience around wine. There is a drink and an aperitif that can be consumed at the counter, at the tables in the internal room or at the smaller ones outside that overlook the ancient Trastevere square. The aperitif in particular consists of small express tastings to be taken freely from the counter. The offerings of the Enoteca Ferrara are completed by the other souls of the format: the Restaurant, the Osteria, the Brewery and the Sunday Brunch.

Enoteca Trastevere

Another address for an aperitif is the Enoteca Trastevere, in Via della Lungaretta just five minutes from our apartment Cosimato morning to evening, the format offers a relaxed atmosphere and a contemporary offer with traditional and non-traditional recipes.
In addition, at the Enoteca Trastevere you can sit at the tables outside overlooking the via trasteverina, or inside, where the bottles of wine decorate the walls of the room.

Tastevere KmZero

The third that we offer is Tastevere KmZero, some minutes walk from our apartment in Via Paglia. It cannot be called a wine shop, but we recommend it anyway because it is a very particular format in the neighborhood. Here, in fact, you can taste, comfortably seated, the best local Lazio food and wine products, including sauces, organic pickles, vegetables, cold cuts, truffles, craft beers and of course selected wines.


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Enoteca a Roma

Guerrini Enoteche

A few steps from our holiday home Calisto in Vicolo del Bologna, you will find the Guerrini Enoteche. Since 1958 the Guerrini family has managed its network of shops full of typical food and wine products of the area. And among these the wine has a place of honor, with whites, reds, rosés and sparkling wines from the DOCG, IGT, DOC, DOP wines, from the best Italian wine areas. But wine is not the only prestigious product of this wine shop. The Guerrini family offers, in fact, many other Italian excellences such as extra virgin olive oil, coffee, dry pastries and truffles.

Les Vignerons

Another wine shop in the Trastevere district is Les Vigneron, in Via Mameli a few steps from our Garibaldi apartment. Whether you are true connoisseurs or simple wine lovers, Les Vignerons is a place that we recommend you to visit. In fact, it’s peculiarity is that it contains only natural wines, in addition to craft beers and spirits. And if you don’t know this side of the world of wine, don’t worry, because the highly trained staff will be excited to tell you about every single label on the shelves.

These are our recommendations on the best wine bars in the Trastevere district. Which one you can’t wait to try?


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